Gifts To Get Your Kids Moving!

Get your kids moving this holiday season with fun toys and games they will be excited to unwrap… and can’t wait to play!

I found several gift ideas that promote fitness in children – some of them in new ways; others just new twists on traditional exercise. The bonus is they can all be played indoors so bad weather won’t be an excuse.

*Hoops to Go, from Back to Basics Toys – A basketball hoop ready to travel to Grandma’s house or wherever you want to take it. Just hang it on the back of a door and you’re set. The game features electronic sounds and a suspended ball return. It comes with two basketballs and folds up in an attached carry bag. (Ages 5+)

*Off-the-Couch Interactive Games, also from Back to Basics Toys – Features 3 interactive sports games. Kids can swing a plastic baseball bat against a pitcher, use a mini tennis racquet to play different opponents, and put on some gloves to trade punches with a boxing champ. The game console plugs into a television and Infrared wireless technology lets the players see all the action on the TV screen. (Ages 5+)

*Kids Gym Treadmill – A mini treadmill designed just for children. The handle bars are covered with foam so it’s easy for kids to hold onto them. The treadmill comes with a meter that measures your little one’s speed, time and distance. (Ages 4-7)

*Cranium Hullabaloo – It’s kind of like Twister meets Simon Says. The game comes with pads that are different shapes and colors with pictures and words on them. A “Hullabaloo” voice tells you what to do, like touch your nose to a circle, hop to a square shape, or put your elbow on a musical instrument – lots of jumping and dancing for all. (Ages 4-10)

*Twister Dance DVD – The classic version of Twister ties you up in knots… the new one really gets you moving. The game adds video dance instruction that encourages kids to learn cool moves to perform on one of four dance mats. Just pop the game into a DVD player and animated characters teach you how to boogie to the beat during 40 dance sessions. (Ages 8-12)

*Fisher Price Smart Cycle – A combination of a stationary bike and an educational arcade game system. Kids pedal and steer to visit places like Math Mountain, Shape Lake, and Letter Creek. The game is designed to teach upper & lowercase letters, number & counting, spelling, and more. It plugs right into your TV and kids have to keep pedaling to keep the games going. (Ages 3-6)

*Dance Dance Revolution – Still popular, this game prompts you to follow directions as you move your feet and dance to hit songs. It is available for most video game consoles, home computers, and as a stand alone that plugs directly into the TV. (Ages 5-99)!!

These toys and games may all come with age recommendations for kids, but I noticed a few that seem like a lot of fun for those of us still kids at heart.

And speaking of ageless, there are also plenty of “classic” exercise gifts like jump ropes, pogo sticks, and my all-time favorite – hoola hoops – you can give your kids this year to get them moving and enjoying it.

Halloween Activities for Kids

The range of different types of Halloween activities for kids is huge. When Halloween gets closer there are so many different things that you can do with kids. There are Halloween games that the kids can play, Halloween crafts they can do, Halloween food that they can make and pumpkin activities to do.

If you are looking for Halloween activities for kids you might consider different types of games that the kids can play. Halloween games aren’t just for parties. There are lots of games that can be played by two or three kids at home. One great Halloween activity for kids is to get them making their own games. Kids can make a Halloween board game or a Halloween bingo game. They can also make a card game with pairs of matching cards and play the game like the game of concentration. The best part about making a Halloween game is that kids can have fun making the game and then have even more fun playing the game.

Kids might like to try making their own Halloween board game. They can draw a track that zigzags across the board and then decorate it with Halloween characters. The track can be divided into spaces and each space can be numbered. Some spaces might have a reward written on them and some might have a hazard on them. The reward might be something like, ‘The ghost that caught you is friendly. Go forward 3 spaces’. The hazard might say, ‘The vampire has caught you. Miss a turn.’ The track can start a the Haunted House and go to your house.

There are also many different Halloween crafts that kids can make. They can create cards for their friends or they can create decorations. Kids can make ghosts, bats or spiders to decorate the house or to decorate outside the house. They can also create masks that might even form part of their Halloween costume.

A simple Halloween craft is to make spiders with egg cartons painted black and pipe cleaners for the spider legs. Add red eyes and you have a simple Halloween decoration. Another simple craft is to paint a paper plate orange and cut out a pumpkin face. Add a green stem to the top and some elastic string to tie it and you have a pumpkin mask.

There are also some tasty Halloween activities for kids that you might like to try. The kids might enjoy doing some cooking and creating some Halloween food. They could create their own recipes or you can search for Halloween recipes online. They can make gooey treats with jelly, cut faces out of sandwiches or make a revolting looking brew to drink.

Of course it isn’t Halloween without a few pumpkins around the place. Many Halloween activities for kids involve pumpkin carving but this isn’t all that you can do with pumpkins. Pumpkin carving is great Halloween craft but if the kids are too little to try this, they might be able to try pumpkin painting instead. They can paint faces on the pumpkin instead of carving the pumpkin.

There are lots of different Halloween activities for kids that you can use to keep kids busy at Halloween. Try some Halloween crafts. Try some Halloween games and try some Halloween cooking.

Online Children’s Learning Games Can Be Interactive

One of the best ways to get any child to learn things is to see that the child is able to have a say in what is going on. This is why so many online children’s learning games can be as popular as they can be. They are all interactive games that kids can enjoy controlling. These can be used for all sorts of subjects and can allow kids to get into the swing of things with regards to learning.

These games can have unique interfaces

Many online children’s learning games can include a variety of fun interfaces. Some of these games are going to be simple puzzle games that kids can move around in. Some can be driving games where kids can control their characters from one area to another. Other games can even be adventurous types of games where the right answers can get kids to be closer to different types of answers and goals in a game. The options that are involved with these interfaces can be endless.

Kids can enter in their own answers

A big part of these games is that the kids who use them can easily enter their own answers into a program. These answers can vary by each question and can be thought out carefully before answering them. The goal is to get the user to think about the right ideas.

They can also involve comprehension

A good function of these games is that they can involve environments that are so immersive that comprehension will be a vital key to these online children’s learning games. This is especially the case for reading games. Kids can recall the information found in a game and the text blocks around it and then answer questions about that text later on. This will help to create a good type of contact that any kid will have more fun with. This makes these online games more fun and enjoyable than just reading something from a textbook.