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Bounce House Party Games That Kids Are Sure To Love

Is your child’s birthday coming up? Throwing a bounce house party spells fun fun fun! Instead of just letting the kids bounce about, add to the fun by preparing a few games. Kids love games at parties and setting them up in an inflatable bounce house can add an extra dimension to the frivolities. Here’s a few ideas:

Simon Says

This age old game can reach new levels when done in a bounce house. This becomes extra fun because the leader can make the players do things that are only possible when in an inflatable. Simon says to bounce on your knees. This would be painful if you were on the floor, but thanks to the softness a bounce house brings, this will not be a problem.

Statue Bounce

Having a new take on the traditional statue dance, aka stop dance, when the music stops, so should the bouncing. Any child caught jumping in silence will be considered “out” until a lone winner will be left. This is exceptionally fun at the same time hard because dancing is easier to control than bouncing.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo is played basically the same- the blindfolded catcher has to find the players by saying “Marco” and players respond with “Polo”. Making this one of the games in a bounce house party is because of two reasons. First is that it is safer for the catcher. It does not matter if he falls or bumps into a wall. The second is that it is more fun. All games are more fun in an inflatable.

Bouncing Race

This is great for the younger kids at the bounce house party. Have them race on their knees, on one foot, on all fours if you want. You can have the race in teams, by partners, or alone. It is always a good idea to give a small prize like candy to the winner or winners after each race.


This game is always present whenever kids are around. Playing it in an inflatable just adds to the thrill.


Simply by adding balloons to the bounce house and you will already be adding fun. It just adds to the bouncing bliss. Both the younger and the older kids are sure to enjoy.

These are just a few games that you can have at your child’s bounce house party. Be creative and add your own twist to your kid’s favorite ones. Just always remember to follow the safety instructions, pin the tail on the donkey is definitely crossed off the list, and to never leave the children unsupervised.

How to Win Kids Soccer Games

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of watching your kids win a soccer game. Kids soccer games are fun and competitive and everyone wants to win. What’s the difference between a winning team and a losing team? It often comes down to three things: A solid team, a good plan and great preparation. If you have these three things, then you’ll be starting your game on a very solid foundation.

Start with a Winning Team

It goes without saying that having a great team is absolutely essential to winning a kids soccer game.

If your team doesn’t have good team spirit or isn’t well trained in their soccer skills, then no amount of preparation before the game will do any good.

On the other hand, if your team has a very strong spirit and all your players are well trained, then you’ll be going into the game with a very good chance of winning.

Again, it goes without saying, but the most important aspect to winning kids soccer games is to have a well trained, well prepared winning soccer team before you even step out into the field. This is built long before the game starts.

Don’t Think on the Field -Think Beforehand

You as the coach shouldn’t be planning strategies during the game and neither should your players. Your kid’s entire concentration should be on the ball and on the game. That’s why it’s important to think and strategize well before the game.

It’s important to learn about the other team and plan out strategies, depending on how the game plays out.If you think on the field, you’re done. Plan beforehand and have a good strategy going into the game.

Make Sure Your Team is Mentally, Emotionally and Physically Prepared

Preparing for a soccer game is a tricky ordeal. It’s tempting to want to train and train the day before, hoping to get every last ounce of skill possible. But instead, it’s important to be well rested, emotionally, mentally and physically before a game. Although it’s okay to do some last minute training to keep sharp the day before, the training shouldn’t be exhausting.

There should be no “tough love” the day before. It’s very, very important that your team go into the game with a strong sense of confidence. Harsh coaching before the day of a game is not constructive.

It’s important to give your team a sense of inspiration before the game. Call it a “pep talk” if you must, but it’s important that your team go into the game with a real sense of readiness and competitiveness if they’re going to win. If you go into the game with these three things down, your team stands a very good chance of having an amazing victory.

Addicting Games for Kids

If you are a kid, what’s on your mind is to have fun. You will never think about your environment. Pull away the kids from those online addicting games or video games and let them involved to some other games. Let the kids addicted to fun games and let them enjoy. There are several games that do not require any materials in order to start the game. It can be simply organize by yourself without any hassle. Just be creative and let the kids have fun and entertained with these games.

Go for indoor games. Kids will surely love having a theme on the game. Mostly, kids are fond of watching cartoons that have story lines with a great idea. For an instance, the very popular kiddy show “Blues Clues”, where Blue the puppy loves to find clues. By that theme, kids will also find clues by scavenger hunt. From the traditional hunt, turn it into “Blue’s Treasure Hunt.” This will be an addicting game, because kids will love to play this all the time.

If it is all about girls, create a girl party and let all girls become a princess. Let them wear their old clothes, jewelry, hats and begin their princess transformation. Those little girls love to wear their Mom’s, Aunts, and Big sister clothes. Let the little girl dress up by the other girl, and make a contest. The best dressed girl will be title as the little princess of the day. After doing this pretty game, this would become an addicting game since little girls will dress themselves like a little princess.

Kids love to play outdoors playing with the other kids. In order to create an addicting game for kids, get them out of the house and let them play addicting balloon game because kids love to pop up balloons. Buy cheap balloons and blow them up. Insert a question inside the balloon that is written on a strip of paper. Put the balloons in bag A. Try to blow up more balloons and place to bag B doing the same procedure. Those messages in the second group of balloons are the things that they will do if they got the wrong answer. All they have to do is to pop up the balloon and answer the question inside; if they answer it they will stay for the next round but if not they will pop the balloon in bag B and follow the instruction inside. When all the questions are answered, the game is over.

Another addicting game in outdoor is hide and seek. But it is different from the traditional game, since there is a new twist. “Kick the can” will work for at least three kids. One person is “it” and the guard is “can”. When the “it” counts to 100, the players will hide and try to find the players. If caught, the player must go to jail. The player who hasn’t been caught will kick the can, to set all the caught players free. However, if the “it” finds everyone, he wins the game.

These games are some of the addicting games for kids in order to get rid them from the addictive video games.