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Video Game Education For the Homeschooler

I have previously discussed homeschool software or software that targets children and somehow related to learning. This time i will discuss something different that equally relates to the idea of unschooling. You want your child to learn and you want your child to have fun. You also want your child to interact with other children and be familiar with the cutting edge technology that today has to offer.

It has been shown that children who play video games have better hand eye coordination, higher reading skills, are more adept at math, and are more familiar with technology. The best part is that this is all a byproduct of your child having fun and doing something that they like to do. I am not going to make the jump to think that all children like video games because I know they don’t but as the success of video game consoles continues to rise I think it is true that many children do enjoy video games.

Kids can interact with each other if they are playing together or they can interact online if they are not together. Kids can make friends in other states and countries and feel a sense of community. And all the while they are learning. Maybe not in the way that their parents did but in the way of the future.

Nasa and all airlines use sophisticated simulators to train pilots, many of these software systems are not that much different from the most sophisticated simulators of yesteryear. In my opinion if NASA trust software to get its astronauts to the moon and back I can trust it to teach my kid a thing or two. Along the way I will earn some major goodie points with my kids for letting them do something they enjoy.

A word of caution. Video games can be addictive and expensive and you must always keep a close eye on children’s online activity but with some close monitoring and structure you can work games into the day of a homeschooler. Use them to wake a kid up, get the blood flowing, as a reward, as a break from a rigorous day, something to change the pace, as a break for yourself.

Homeschooling is meant to bring new opportunities to the class room so take full advantage of this opportunity. Resist the urge to do things as they have always been done and take a chance at doing something different. The numerous types of homeschool software offer countless opportunities for the class room.

Cooking and Kids Games

Young girls really love to play different cooking games, as they just love the grown up feeling that cooking games give them. However, many little boys are also wrapped around these games, as little boys like to be very creative about their cooking. While little girls usually develop their family instinct whenever they play a cooking game, little boys actually develop their artistic one whenever they get the chance to experiment with these types of games. You know how it is a common belief that men are way better chefs than women. The liberty of choice can now allow men to develop a great attraction for this field right from the start. There are no restrictions anymore that will keep boys away from cooking games and girls away from sports games. All games are completely gender neutral and allow every child to take the best out of them. Different children have different ways of perceiving the same game. This is exactly why they should be allowed to have all the freedom they need to explore different options. However, this should all be done under strict supervision, as you don`t want your child trying out different games that might not be proper for their age.

As you will see, games for boys have no more gender delimitations anymore. All kids games include both little girls and little boys, and they also involve a great variety of activities. Kids games can just as well include Tom and Jerry games, as they do different strategy games. Kids games have expended their boundaries quite a lot, and have thus become a lot more appealing to the public. Kids games are specially designed to please just about any taste, so you will never end up going wrong with them, as you can always make a different choice if one of them doesn’t seem to be to your child`s liking.

Online Games the Planetary Pastime of the 21st Century?

In our free time, most of us sit down in front of the computer and find something to occupy ourselves. For many, especially younger generation web users, that something is online games. You can play alone against a software program or even with other online users live. You can rack up points, rewards, and tokens and for the adult (gambling) variety, even cash payouts!

When online game players spend increasing amounts of time playing, it can cause concerns…especially for parents who have gaming kids. However, some child behavioral experts have suggested that online games can be useful tools for child development. Here’s a link to an article entitled “How Kids Learn to Co-operate in Video Games.”

There are online games for all ages. Most sites that offer online games also offer a free trial membership to start so that you can try out a few games and see if you like what the site has to offer. Most of these sites will then offer you a membership program. Now for some, that may seem like a lure into taking your money. Actually when you think about it, compared to the price of just a fraction of your online gaming time spent at an arcade pumping quarters into the game machines, or the cost of an expensive home gaming system plus an ongoing supply of new games to play…well the membership for online gaming actually turns out to be a pretty good bargain.

Of course parents with younger children should ALWAYS monitor the type of games their child has access to or takes an interest in. There are a variety of genera’s of online games and some can get violent or dark in nature but there are ample amounts of happy, safe, fun “kid friendly” games on most gaming sites. Another consideration is the option to play games against other users of the site if there is texting going on along side the game. That can be a big no-no for most parents of younger kids and we have all heard valid reasons for this.

All in all, online game sites are not a bad activity for the mind, young or old. They inspire thinking, planning, achieving goals, social activity and striving for improvement…not to mention the ‘ol hand-eye co-ordination! Have fun!