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Board Games for Girls 8-10

There are many good games suitable for Boys. But, for girls, great games are more difficult to find. Most are excessively simple, linear games based on expensive license agreements. The idea of games determined by gender can be debated. For the sake of stimulating the mind, here are our award-winning suggestions. (Boys can also benefit from these games as well).

Quick Summary of Development and Skills
Understanding the 8-10 year old girl is not a simple task. There is a continuum of development rather than a set level for every child. We reviewed PBS Parents, Today’s Parent Magazine, and Kids Growth Organization. All with slightly different opinions.

The 8-10 year old girl usually prefers to play with the same gender. Some are not quite ready for complex rules, and crib notes. At 8 years old, some can but many are not ready to solve abstract logic problems.

8-10 year old girls do understand rules. They should have already developed a base of reading skills, and continue to expand their vocabulary. Teen culture and friends are very important, and they love to collect things.

By 8 years old, girls are usually ready to solve problems independently.

Gift Trap
A game of giving and receiving. A fantasy gifting game kids love to play. This game is very social and lots of fun.
Players: 3-10
Duration: 20 minutes

Rukshuk is based on re-creating actual rock formations, or Rukshuks. It is purely sensory, focusing more on fine motors skills and problem solving. It’s great fun to play.
Players: 1-5
Duration: 10-30 minutes

Wits and Wagers Family
An excellent game for compound learning. Reading and scoring along with decision-making all in one game. The best part is that if you are not the winner, you can still get points. A game of social interaction with math and decision-making hidden in there is a bonus.
Players: 3-10
Duration: 20 minutes

An award-winning game from France which is all about the story. All girls love a great story, especially if you can take it wherever you wish.
Players: 3-6
Duration: 30 minutes

Computer Games Or Board Games

Classic board games have several benefits. These days most of the classical board games are available as computer games. Excellent critical thinking skills can be boosted by many of these games. The simple versions of these board games are very popular among common man. Your thinking skills can be expanded and explored to maximum by playing the basic strategy games like chess, checkers or rummy. By playing these games the elder people are benefited by promoting their brain capability.

Brain development for kids can be made by these board games. Most of these board games can be used to stimulate the reasoning power. People who are playing such games are less likely to affect certain mental disorders like Alzheimer’s. The game will be interesting for anyone who understands the concepts and rules of the game. It takes a bit of time to understand and get used with the game.

Children will gain a unique educational experience by playing board games. They are benefits other than entertainment by playing these board games. Many board games are now available as computer games where there are virtual opponents available in the computer version. Board games available in computer eliminate the need of setting up the game and space. Due to the arrival and the popularity of the internet, most of these board games can be played online over the internet. So your opponent might be residing at the other end of the world, for all you know. There are some websites which gives you the option to choose from a variety of computer board games so that you don’t have to download the game in your computer there by saving space.

Parents can introduce board games to their kids at quite an early age for their kids. Initially kids will be fascinated by the different shapes and colors of the board game. Later once they understand the concepts parent can participate in the game with their kids. Thus they will able to spend quality time together with the family. The kids will grow in healthy atmosphere by boosting their confidence. Most of the card games or broad games will teach the kids some mathematics and logics in addition to the pleasure generated by the game. Kids who find it difficult to learn these under the strict and tense atmosphere of the school can very easily achieve through these games. If parents want to introduce their kids to board game they need to visit an online game store or a local one and see what are the various options available for their kids. They can choose the most appropriate one depending on the age group classification.

Board games are not too much academic or educational but by playing them kids can achieve lots of social skills like verbal communication, patience, sharing, ability to take turns and interacting with the fellow players. Kids will improve the power of concentration through board games. Some aspects in real life can be felt through these games. For example ‘luck’ is a common factor happening to every individual’s life.

Some times I can be better and some times very worse. Kids will experience luck through these games. Games like ‘Snakes & Ladders’ depend only on luck. Kids will be taught to never give up on a failure and try till the end of the game. These are amazing principles which kids can follow in their real life.

Kids Party Games – Advice on Prizes

So your kids turning six and you are dreading having twenty screaming six year olds running around your home out of control!  Right?  Never fear, party games are the answer.  This article will give you some good advice about prizes. Believe it or not giving out prizes at a kids birthday party is not compulsory. Kids can have ample fun just playing the games.

You can have a successful kids party that is fun for everyone.  Seriously!  The party games you decide to go with can make or break your party.  Not to mention making or breaking you!  So select the games that best suit the age of the kids attending.  What ever you do don’t stress about the prizes.. if you choose to have any.

There are many games to choose from, some which suit both young and old.  All you need to do is make sure you are organized, understand the rules and include all kids in the fun.  For the shyer ones get them to help you with the music or holding your whistle even your hand.  They will adore you for including them.

There are a number of opinions around about prizes and whether to give them out and if that is your choice – how to go about it. I prefer the no prize option and the reasons are simple.

1. Prizes get in the way of the fun. The fun is in playing fun games. Kids get all anxious and eager for the prizes when they are on offer. My experience with kids party’s has shown me that they don’t even think about prizes unless they are on offer.

2. There is less to organise.

3. There is less to pay for.

4. You don’t need to worry about making sure every one has won the same number of prizes.

You can always hand out party bags at the end, there is also the birthday cake and any food you decide to serve, be warned though, these will probably take a back seat to the party games too. If you do decide to give out prizes then the following suggestions will help to keep things simple and fun. Select one for your party or a combination.

1. Keep the prizes simple, such as a small lolly, candy, lollipop or sticker.

2. Use a lucky dip box to hand out the prizes.

3. Play some games with prizes and some with out. Announce at the start of the game if there is a prize attached.

4. Play a set of say three or four games then offer everyone a prize.

5. Give every one a prize at the end of each game.

6. Keep all the prizes the same.

You can now put away your dread and actually look forward to the fun and hilarity of your kids party.  Those six year olds will be putty in your hands.  Enjoy!