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The Pros and Cons of Kids’ Games

This article will explain to you some of the advantages and disadvantages of playing kids’ games online.
All children love to play games. Due to this, the gaming industry is growing with more and more different types of games. There are cool games, IQ games, challenging games, funny games and many more. The more popular kids’ games are online PC games. The sound effect and the image quality make the PC games more attractive and interactive. Now, let us discuss further on the pros and cons of kids’ games.

Kids who love to play games are said to be more intelligent and creative. For example, IQ games are able to train a kid to think and solve problems easily. Based on research done, children are able to learn faster when they are small. Some of the challenging games and puzzles are also able to train the kids’ abilities in problem solving.

There are also educational type of games to help kids to improve in their mathematics, readings and spellings. Besides that, games such as World War, Star Wars and Space Ships require your kids to strategize before playing. It improves their ability to think thoroughly and make a wise decision to win the games.

Apart from all these benefits, there are also some disadvantages in playing online games. Playing games for a long period of time may strain your eyes and affect your brain. Why is this happening? The reason is kids are always focusing in everything they do including playing games. Thus, spending time in front of the computer will only cause hallucination or headache as kids are exposed to PC radiation too long. Sitting in front of the computer will also cause back and neck pain.

Kids who pay too much attention in front of the PC will eventually become lazier. They can just spend whole day playing games without thinking of other things.

Thus, as parents, it is important to keep track on your children. Do not let them play with PC games for too long and you have to make them discipline all the time.

Typing Games For Kids – How to Choose Kids Typing Games

Typing games for kids are considered as the easiest, most effective way to teach children to type. By using the games kids are able to learn fast to type at their own level and their own pace.

For kids the typing games are fun to use hence they gain valuable typing skills eagerly, with very little efforts and with no disinterest.

In today’s computer oriented world typing is considered to be a very important and essential skill hence the earlier the kids master the typing skill, the more advantages they have in their future.

While selecting the typing games for kids the first and foremost criteria for the parents should be that it must be funny and enjoyable. As we all know the kids enjoy funny things and they show their willingness easily for the things in which they are interested.

Once the kids get attracted by the typing games which are appealing to them they take their own initiative to learn it.

These kinds of games should be simple & easy to use with audio instructions which kids love to operate on their own. In general and by nature all kids get attracted fast and like to play with the games which have colorful interface combined with good music or audio instructions.

This makes them learn things quickly without the feeling of the learning process being forced on them.

The typing games for kids should not only consist of typing lessons or games from the basic keys to the sentences, but it should also facilitate the typing test after the typing lessons on a periodical basis

ABC Outdoor Games For Mommy and Me

There are some basic skills that every parent needs to teach their child. One of the most important is the alphabet and reading. It requires a great deal of patience and perseverance to teach a child how to recognize letters. Young children have short attention spans and they often come to hate learning because they associate it with sitting quietly for hours. As a teacher you will find it very difficult to teach anything to a child who has this attitude. The solution is to make learning fun by turning it into a game. When you explain learning in terms of fun and games kids will immediately become interested. If you consider the games that really excite children, most of them are outdoor games. There are few things that children love more than recess; they play outside with their friends in healthy competitions. If you are looking for a great and fun way to teach your kids their ABCs consider doing so with an outdoor game. Described below are some wonderful outdoor ABC games that will make learning fun for you and your children.

1. ABC Hopscotch. There is no reason to play an outside game unless it involves some sort of physical activity. Draw a large square on the pavement and fill it in with smaller squares. Draw chalk letters into the squares. You can do them in alphabetical order or a random order. Make the letters large so that the children can see them. Use different colors of chalk so that the finished product is a bright and fun checkerboard of letters. Call out certain letters and have the children jump on them.

2. ABC Hoops. If your child is athletic and likes basketball consider a fun sports game. If the child is particularly young you will need a small basketball hoop and stand. Shout out random letters and have your children shout the letter back to you. If they can pronounce the letter correctly they get to shoot a basket. Keep the game going quickly so that you can cover lots of letters. The quicker the game the more likely it will be for your child to have a great time. You could also shout out the name of a favorite superhero or animal. When the child can shout back the letter that begins the animal’s name they get to take a shot. This game becomes even livelier if you play some upbeat music while doing so.

3. ABC Lineup. If you have a group of children make cutout letters for all of them. Attach letters to each child’s shirts or clothing. It might be best to make necklaces out of them so that the children can change to a different letter. You don’t need all the letters of the alphabet but it would be best if you do. Play some music for about thirty seconds and challenge the kids to get into alphabetical order. A big part of learning about letters is learning their proper order. When the music ends all of the children need to be in the right order. If they are not in proper order then move them until they are. At some point you can change places with a child and they become the one to put everybody in the right order.

These are just a few ideas for fun outdoo ABC games. Be creative and come up with some games of your own. If you find that your child prefers one game over another stick with it. You will see rapid improvement in their knowledge of the alphabet.